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General articles relating to John Logie Baird
Eye of the World: John Logie Baird and Television (Part I) (KINEMA, 1996)
Eye of the World: John Logie Baird and Television (Part II) (KINEMA, 1996)
Eye of the World: Iain Logie Baird interviewed by Gerald Pratley (Part III) (KINEMA, Fall 1997)

The Helensburgh Heritage Trust

Early television work in Hastings
The John Logie Baird CollectionHastings Museum, East Sussex, England
Hastings Museum has vital Baird Letters!!

Noctovision (Baird's night vision system)
NoctovisionInfrared Television in 1926

Phonovision (the world's earliest video recordings) (Don McLean's site)

Baird Studios at The Crystal Palace
The Crystal Palace Foundation
More Crystal Palace Studios

Alexandra Palace
Alexandra Palace Television Society
A Sort Of Magic: The Black Presence On Pre-War British Television

Important television technologies in use today, and tomorrow
'Laser vision' from Microvision technologies
DLP™ technology from Texas Instruments

Other Television Pioneers
A.A. Campbell-Swinton (U.K.)
Bell Laboratories (Herbert Ives) (U.S.A.)
CBS Laboratories (Peter Goldmark) (coming soon)
Allen B. DuMont (U.S.A.)
Philo T. Farnsworth (U.S.A.)
Fernseh A.G. (Germany) (coming soon)
Charles Francis Jenkins (U.S.A.)
Marconi-EMI (Isaac Shoenberg) (Russia, U.K.)
Paul Nipkow (Russia, Germany)
RCA (Vladimir Zworykin) (Russia, U.S.A.)
RCA (David Sarnoff) (Russia, U.S.A.)
Boris Rosing (Russia)
Kenjiro Takayanagi (Japan)
Telefunken (Germany) (coming soon)
Dénes Mihály: Das Electrische Fernsehen und das Telehor. (Hungary, Germany)
Kalman Tihanyi (Hungary)
Tihanyi's television-guided bomb

Museum websites
American Museum of the Moving Image New York, U.S.A.
Paley Center (formely the Museum of Television & Radio) New York, U.S.A.
The Early Television Museum Hilliard, Ohio, U.S.A.
Antique Wireless Association (A.W.A.) Wireless Communication Museum Hilton, New York, U.S.A.
N.H.K. Museum Japan
MZTV Museum Toronto, Canada

Historic Television Societies
The British Vintage Wireless Society/405 Alive (BVWS)
The Narrow-bandwidth Television Association (NBTVA)
The British Amateur Television Club (BATC)
Broadcast Engineering Conservation Group (BECG)

Things named after John Logie Baird
The Logies Australia
British Caledonian Airbus A310-203 G-BKWT
The John Logie Baird (pub) Hastings, East Sussex
The John Baird (pub) Muswell Hill, London (renamed 2020 to Village Green)
The Logie Baird (pub) Helensburgh, Scotland (closed in 2019)

Artworks inspired by John Logie Baird
'Stooky Bill TV' by David Hall, 1990
Bairdcast Media: a history of machine translation by Yuko Mohri, 2008

Television sound
The BBC Type A Microphone