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Many books and articles have been written about John Logie Baird, but few poems have appeared. This contribution is by Andrew Roxburgh McGhie, Associate Director of the Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter at the University of Pennsylvania.

An engineer sae bricht

There was an engineer sae bricht
Work'd ilka mornin', noon and nicht
Until, at last, he got it richt
His lifelang mission
Aye, 'twas sic a bonnie sicht
Yon television

He was a lallan lad wha dared
E'en tho' few bawbees could be spared
He fashed and went that extra yaird
Tae gar it rin
Salute we nou John Logie Baird
Oor brawest yin

For he went at it, heid tae heid
'Gainst RCA an' a' that breed
Nae gowk was he. Our trusty steed
Left them ahint
Life changed fore'er thro' his guid deed
As weel we kennt

Nae muckle better could it be
He gie'd it colour and 3-D
Wi' infra-red thro' nicht he'd see
But the worl' him spurns
Let's honour him as oor third B
Alang wi' Bruce and Burns