Jack Buchanan (1891–1957)

Jack Buchanan, Baird, and an assistant on the roof of the Baird company premises at 133 Long Acre, London for a test of daylight television, 1928

Actor and Producer

Born in Helensburgh. Like fellow Scot David Niven (1909–1983), Buchanan was renowned for his portrayal of the quintessential Englishman on stage and screen.

He worked in the West End and on Broadway and took roles in several Hollywood musicals, including The Band Wagon (1953). Other roles included Smash and Grab (1937) and The Gang's All Here (1939).

He also produced several films including The Sky's the Limit (1938) and Happidrome (1943), which he also directed.

Jack Buchanan also provided financial backing for that other son of Helensburgh, John Logie Baird, in his work to develop his television system, and helped arrange things with the company John Logie Baird Ltd. after Baird's death in 1946.

Buchanan with Fred Astaire in 'I guess I'll have to change my plan' from The Bandwagon (1953)